Liver and Gallstone Cleanse

Posted on January 22, 2013 at 11:45 PM

An experience of a lifetime!!!

I finally took the plunge and did a liver and gallstone cleanse.  I had been threatening to do it for over a year and last weekend, I finally got up the nerve to do it.  It was as awful as I expected but better than I had hoped.  Believe it or not, I am sure I got at least a few hundred stones out.

The cleanse I did was a combination of a couple of cleanses that I had been reading up on in the internet.  The main cleanse is called "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" by Andreas Flush.  If you are interested in getting the book for the cleanse, you can go to Amazon at and purchase it on line.  I also used information for a Naturopathic Gallbladder Cleanse.  

In Moritz's cleanse, he says to drink 32 Ounces of fresh apple juice per day for six days.  I took the lazy way out and instead took 500mg of Malic Acid twice a day for six days.  Malic acid comes from apples and is the main ingredient that helps to make the stones soft and easier to pass.  In one of the other cleanses, it stated that this six day preperation was not necessary but because I wanted to ensure that I got as many stones out as possible, I went through this process.

What you will need:

3 Cups Fresh Apple Juice or Water

4 Tbsp. Epson Salt

1 Large Grapefruit

1/2 Cup Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Day 7-

On the 7th day after the six days of malic acid prep, I started the true cleanse.  I ate as light as possible without consuming any fatty foods. Considering the fact I was in the middle of a juice cleanse, this wasn't difficult for me to manage.  I did not take any supplements that day as I did not want them to interfere with the cleanse in any way.

2:00 PM - I stopped eating (well actually drinking) anything except water.  Then, I prepared the Epson Salt mixture by mixing 4 Tbsp Epson Salt in 3 cups apple juice inside a large mason jar.  I shook the mixture up thoroughly and then put it in the refrigerator to get cold.

6:00 PM - I drank 3/4 of a cup of the Epson Salt solution.  Amazingly enough, the taste wasn't as bad as I feared, though I swished my mouth out with water.  Within about 25 minutes after consuming the solution, I was running to the bathroom.  This is the initial part of the cleanse where your body is going to start purging everything out of your stomach and intestines.  This time, I only hade to run to the bathroom once.  By the middle of the cleanse, the Epson salt will have opened up your gallbladder enough to start dropping stones.

8:00 PM - I drank another 3/4 cup of the Epson Salt solution.  This time, it wasn't quite as palatable and I felt a little sick trying to get it down.  I drank a couple of swallows of water. I ended up running to the bathroom three times afterwards.  I was completely ready for bed before 9:45 PM.  I was warned that the next couple of steps had to be done in a very timely manner.

9:45 PM- I juiced the grapefruit after I had run the whole grapfruit under warm water for a few minutes.  Then, I mixed 2/3 cup grapefruit juice with 1/2 cup of olive oil.  I did not add lemon juice or orange juice to help with taste, however, many of the recipes say you can do this.  I might opt for it for my next cleanse.  I went to the bathroom again to ensure that I would not have to get up again for at least a half hour.

10:00 PM - I drank the olive oil and grapefruit solution quickly through a straw and then immediately took a tablespoon of honey to get the awful taste out of my mouth.  I then went to my bed and layed down on my right side and did not move for 20 minutes.  FYI, the quicker you lie down after drinking the mixture, the more stones you can get out.  I felt a slight tugging on my right side which I am told was probably the stones moving through.  I quickly fell asleep.

Around 2:00AM, I woke up incredibly nauseous.  I was afraid I would have the dry heaves as I had nothing in my stomach.  I took a couple of sips of water but still did not feel well.  I faught with myself on drinking some coconut water, afraid that somehow, it would counter act the procedure, but the nausea won out and soon I was taking down several gulps of coconut water.  Within seconds, the nausea went away.  The lesson I learned here- drink lots of coconut water and or water before the cleanse as you will get extraordinarly dehydrated from the Epson Salt.  I went right back to sleep and didn't have any other problems for the rest of the night.  Thank goodness I had coconut water on hand to combat the dehydration with all of it's minerals.

6:00 AM - I woke up and drank my third dose of 3/4 cup Epson Salt solution through a straw.  I was very afraid I would not be able to get the solution down this time but some how, some way, I managed.  I put a ginger candy in my mouth and layed back down.  Just before my fourth and final dose of the Epson solution at 8:00 AM, I got up and ran to the bathroom.  I was very upset because it seemed that I had no stones come out.  I expected there to be a clink at the bottom of the toilet as the stones hit the ceramic but there was no sound.  However, there were a ton of round bright green things which I assumed were from my juice cleanse.

8:00 AM - I drank my final 3/4 cup Epson Salt solution.  Within about 10 minutes, I was running to the bathroom again.  This time- sorry, I know TMI- I felt something rather large move out of me and then I saw it in the toilet floating on the top of the water.  It was a very large, round object with several smaller round objects and even more tiny round objects clustered around it.  They were all the same bright green color as from before.  All of a sudden, the light went on in my head- those must be the stones.  I ran over to my tablet and entered into the navigation site- "Do gallstones and liver stones float?"  Well, they sure do because they are mostly made up of cholesterol.  I felt so much better knowing this because I was afraid I had gont through the entire process for nothing.  

After about three hours, I continued with my juicing.  Through out the day, I passed several more stones and was done passing them by the next day.

I am still doing the juice cleanse and haven't eaten anything very heavy or extremely fatty since doing the cleanse, so I cannot tell you if this has prevented me from having another attack.  I can tell you that I no longer have the constant back pain that I would get from the gallstones.  I will repeat this process in another month or two because there are bound to be more liver stones that could potentially get stuck in my gallbladder again.  I know people who do the cleanse several times within their lifetime.  

Moritz suggests that you do an enema or an colonic before and after the cleanse- I chose not to because I was already fairly cleaned out from the juice cleanse.  Plus, that just disturbs me- I had a hard enough time doing the cleanse itself. 

I do feel very accomplished and proud of myself for doing this cleanse.  Every family member on my father's side has had their gallbladder taken out due to gallstones.  I did not want to have that surgery for several reasons.  This was a great alternative and way less invasive!

The following picture is not mine- I got it off of the internet.

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