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Posted on March 24, 2013 at 9:55 PM

Somebody on the Facebook page Gluten Free Planet, asked about Calcium and Mineral Supplementation for migraines.  Here was my reply:

It completely depends on the form of calcium/magnesium you are consuming and whether or not you are actually absorbing. First off, it used to be that for thousands and thousands of years, we would receive the proper amounts of minerals in the proper ratio as long as we were absorbing properly (not consuming too many enzyme inhibitors). Then, in the 20th century, someone got the bright idea to start mass manufacturing processed food which happens to be filled with enzyme inhibitors. The medical world realized that people were getting sick because they were malnourished, so they started mass producing prescription drugs. The supposed "natural health" world decided they didn't want to be left behind, so they started mass producing vitamins and minerals since everyone is now missing vital nutrients in their diets. Unfortunately, in the process of mass producing their supplements, they failed to realize that the foods that we ate over 100 years ago gave us the proper ratio of vitamins and minerals, so they started picking and choosing- "Oh, you need calcium- well, let's give you some calcium. Oh, you need zinc- well, let's up your amount of zinc." So, now we have thrown off out ratios of minerals which is causing a lot of problems. For example- many people have high blood pressure because they eat a lot of sodium. Well, if you look at something like pink salt- Pink salt has a ton of sodium but it also has many of the other minerals that are required in your diet, so due to the proper ratios, studies have been shown that pink salt can actually lower blood pressure and heart disease. Regarding table salt, table salt is 98% sodium chloride which is poisonous to the human body. Same thing goes for chromium- Chromium is an essential mineral that we no longer get enough which helps to maintain sugar levels, helps with proper insulin production, can regulate LDL and HDL cholesterol and can help to also regulate blood pressure.

Also, if we overuse certain minerals like zinc, we can deplete minerals like copper. The majority of vitamin supplements out there are either synthetic or are left overs from pure vitamins. For example, not many people know, but folic acid is a synthetic form of folate which means it was created in a lab.

Now, specifically focusing on minerals, minerals from rocks, shells, sand, etc are good for plants but not for us. "Plants, through the process of photosynthesis attach enzymes to minerals found in soil or water, which act as a "passport" to assist the transfer of the minerals and vitamins into the cells of the human body and aid in the cells utilization of the delivered minerals." We need those plants to give us minerals, we can't rely on the rocks.  Calcium, especially in a carbonate, citrate and/or oxide form, are easily absorbed by the body but then those molecules attach to our own bones and then strip our bones of our essential minerals creating osteoporosis, arthritis, plaque in the arteries, kidney and liver stones, etc...etc. I tell my clients, it's not about absorbability, it's about usability. We can absorb anything including poison- it's about what it does in our body. In the US, we have the largest number of individuals consuming calcium in the world. We also have the largest number of individuals with osteoporosis. We fortify everything with calcium carbonate including milk, alternative milks and cereal. Now, the individuals I work with who consume whole food supplements (made from fruits, vegetables and algae) and who are tested every three to six months for bone density- do show a positive difference in bone density then when they took calcium carbonates. My mom is one of those individuals. Those are the natural sources of minerals and vitamins that we should be consuming. My son used to get really bad headaches, so his neurologist told him to take Calcium, Magnesium, B-2 and Niacin. Now, don't get me wrong, he was a very good doctor, but when I asked him what forms of Calcium and Magnesium I should give my son, he had no clue what to tell me. A lot of times, doctors don't know because they have not been educated on mineral forms. So, I started giving my son Garden of Life Living Calcium Advanced and Garden of Life Raw B Complex. The headaches did go away. Those supplements are an identifiable and usable form for our bodies. Also, those supplements have digestive enzymes which help to ensure that the supplements are absorbed and utilized properly by the body. If my family or I use supplements, I only give us whole food supplements. However, generally, we do not take multivitamins or vitamin/mineral supplements. Instead, we use a very good quality digestive enzyme from Garden of Life called Raw Enzymes so that we absorb from the foods that we eat. Yes, as you can tell, I love Garden of Life. It might be a good thing to check out Garden of Life and it's founder, Jordan Rubin. He has a great story about his crohn's disease and how he is now in remission. I also, try never to eat highly nutritious foods with enzyme inhibitors.

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